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Aspects of Sienna

After the hustle and bustle of the nuptials, I had an opportunity to spend some one-on-one…or two…time with Sienna and her handler, Mic. I sat across from her and simply gazed in total awe at this magnificent creature. I examined her feathers….layers upon layers of perfect symmetry. I surveyed her talons, fully aware of the […]

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A Special Guest For A Special Occasion

Today, I am getting married in Telluride, Colorado. There will be a modest group of both family and friends to celebrate this special occasion; but, one very majestic guest will honor us with her grace and presence. Sienna, the Red-Tail Hawk, will be “delivering” our rings. When the minister calls for the wedding bands, Sienna […]

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“In Your Own Backyard” ~ Hello Calvin

Calvin the crow seemed to be enjoying his “walk on water”—and rightly so. Why wouldn’t this mystical creature feel powerful enough to do so!? Crow is a spirit animal associated with life mysteries and magic. We can find crows just about anywhere around the globe. As such, they remind us that magic is everywhere. The […]

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“In Your Own Backyard” Meet Artemis

Meet Artemis. She is a California native who resides in the small town of Valencia. Artemis is an Anna’s Hummingbird who enjoys the sweetest and most beautiful things in life: nectar and flowers. She enjoys 65 mile an hour aerial “nature walks”, flying forwards, backwards, sideways, and in some cases upside down. In fact, her […]

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“In Your Own Backyard” Bee Rescue

This little pollinator got caught in a rain storm. Unfortunately, for bees, if they get wet, they are unable to fly; their wings become waterlogged and they are usually left “paralyzed” until their wings/body dries out…or they die. I noticed this stranded bee on the stucco of the outside of my home for hours–from the […]

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