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A Bee-ficient Swarm

  A bee swarm! Yikes! BUT, DON’T BE ALARMED! First and foremost, during swarm periods, bees are mostly non-aggressive. They are focused on finding a new home, not on attacking. However, always use common sense should you come across a “clump of buzzing bees!” Ok, so, a bee swarm occurs when the hive becomes too big […]

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  I would like to begin saying, these two reptiles are, MATING…yes, indeed, mating! Although this is not akin to the warm and fuzzy photos I have posted before, I feel it is important to share the magical, and sometimes very misunderstood, energies and symbolism of snake. You see, over the years of being a nature photographer, I have […]

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What is Honey?

“Honey is certainly more than a simple jar sitting solidly on a grocery shelf. It is the soul of the field of flowers. It is a child with a sticky piece of toast learning that suddenly fingers taste good. It is an unforgettable bear named Pooh pursuing a sweet obsession in a book a long […]

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