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Beenevolent™ is leading a crusade to recognize and protect the four POWER POLLINATORS —bees, birds, butterflies and bats. Through what Noelle calls, “a coalition of the willing”, she hopes to engage a critical mass that will affect positive change in our natural world.

Beenevolent™ is a special advocate for the pollinators. The immediate focus is the bee population which has been decimated by a mysterious die-off called Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), not fully identified by scientists. Our goal is to educate as many adults and children as possible in seeing bees for the valued partners they are, to fund more research, and to serve and give back.

Beenevolent™ perceives the loss of any aspect of nature a spiritual loss as well as a natural one. We spread our message by “Spiritual Pollination.” What is Spiritual Pollination? It is the energy of the unseen. The personal commitment we make within our heart to use our energy to affect positive change–even when that change seems impossible. This is a very powerful time on Earth. Our thoughts and emotions are manifesting quicker than we’ve seen before. It is time to stand in the place of gratitude–gratitude that permeates all things. This high vibration; this energy associated with gratitude, is spiritual pollination. It is a wave, an energy field that stretches, expands and touches all things.

Hummingbird blessings…



Sommarklänningar  vill uppnå en balans mellan design, bortsett från den livliga dekorera också mer siden crepe, twill enkla modeller Sommar mode enkel brudklänning på nätet..


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