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“In Your Own Backyard” Ready. Set. Migrate!

Are we ready for the “Flying Jewels” to grace us with their presence again? I’m going to have to declare a resounding, Y-E-S! The great hummingbird voyage is currently underway as these tiny winged creatures migrate back to the United States from their wintering grounds in southern Mexico and northern Panama. OK, first things first—let’s […]

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Summer Solstice

This happy flower greeted us in an industrial parking lot on a lonely highway in Colorado. The buildings in this lot were gray concrete with sterile metal accents. The ONLY thing that brought beauty and “life” to this otherwise lackluster scenery was this sunflower that still had a little longevity left in her. Her petals were […]

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Aspects of Sienna

After the hustle and bustle of the nuptials, I had an opportunity to spend some one-on-one…or two…time with Sienna and her handler, Mic. I sat across from her and simply gazed in total awe at this magnificent creature. I examined her feathers….layers upon layers of perfect symmetry. I surveyed her talons, fully aware of the […]

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A Special Guest For A Special Occasion

Today, I am getting married in Telluride, Colorado. There will be a modest group of both family and friends to celebrate this special occasion; but, one very majestic guest will honor us with her grace and presence. Sienna, the Red-Tail Hawk, will be “delivering” our rings. When the minister calls for the wedding bands, Sienna […]

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“In Your Own Backyard” ~ Hello Calvin

Calvin the crow seemed to be enjoying his “walk on water”—and rightly so. Why wouldn’t this mystical creature feel powerful enough to do so!? Crow is a spirit animal associated with life mysteries and magic. We can find crows just about anywhere around the globe. As such, they remind us that magic is everywhere. The […]

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“In Your Own Backyard” Meet Artemis

Meet Artemis. She is a California native who resides in the small town of Valencia. Artemis is an Anna’s Hummingbird who enjoys the sweetest and most beautiful things in life: nectar and flowers. She enjoys 65 mile an hour aerial “nature walks”, flying forwards, backwards, sideways, and in some cases upside down. In fact, her […]

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