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A Moment of Truth…

Dear Friends,

This image is deeply painful to see and my intent in sharing this information is to assist the dolphin soul in creating awareness of how our human actions affect so much. This beloved sea angel, a bottlenose dolphin, was forced into “The Cove”, in Taiji, Japan with the rest of her pod family. Her family (adults and juveniles) were slaughtered in front of her; she was chosen to remain CAPTIVE IN JAPAN’S VERSION OF SEA WORLD, HUMAN ENTERTAINMENT, AND THE LIKE. In her transport, she perished. The trauma that she witnessed in The Cove, was too much for her to endure.

It is NOT NATURAL for these beings (or any wild beings, be it elephants, tigers, monkeys, whales, etc.) to be taken from their natural habitat and state of well-being for our human entertainment OR CONSUMPTION. It is cruel, inhumane, and unjust. PLEASE, PLEASE, DO NOT SUPPORT THIS FORM OF ENTERTAINMENT. We are losing our precious wildlife to the hands of greedy humans that do not understand that everything is connected. When we destroy another, we destroy ourselves. The family of this dolphin that was slaughtered in Japan is one of many ON A DAILY BASIS! Beginning in October, each year a small number of fishermen in villages such as Taiji, Japan begin to hunt dolphins. The hunt continues through the end of February for dolphins and continues through April for small whales.

More than 20,000 DOLPHINS ARE KILLED EACH YEAR IN JAPAN – a process SANCTIONED BY THE JAPANESE GOVERNMENT. Approximately 18,000 Dall’s porpoise are killed in the waters of northern Japan for meat. Over 2,000 dolphins are killed in the cove at Hatajiri Bay in Taiji for meat and to provide dolphins for aquariums and swim-with programs. Fishermen drive the dolphins into the bay, separate the number contracted by dolphin buyers, THEN BUTCHER THE REST IN A MANNER BRUTAL BEYOND DESCRIPTION.

Killing dolphins for meat is not only an outrageous act, the high level of toxins in dolphin meat makes it dangerous for human consumption. And, from a monetary standpoint, the profits on the sale of dolphin meat are often marginal. But the increase in demand for live dolphins, captured and shipped to aquariums and swim-with programs, has created a huge incentive for fishermen to step-up the dolphin drives which result in so may brutal deaths.

To help support the dolphins, please visit sites such as, Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project, Blue, and any others to see how you can help….and please share this information with as many people as you can.

THE OLYMPICS ARE IN JAPAN THIS COMING YEAR! WE CAN HIT THE JAPANESE GOVERNMENT WHERE IT HURTS: IN THEIR POCKETS–WE CAN SHAME THEM!. We, and other nations, should not support these people by pouring money into their country for the Olympics!
The OLYMPIC COMMITTEE is in COLORADO SPRINGS. For MARKETING, call: 719-866-4031, for COMMUNICATIONS, call: 719-866-4529 or visit:, to choose any contact that you would like to voice your concern about regarding this matter. ONLY OUR VOICES WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE…WON’T YOU HELP?


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