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What of the “red tail” in the Red Tail Hawk

Met this gorgeous Red Tail Hawk on Saturday. Her name is Karma. Her red feathers were mesmerizing! Note about the symbolism of the Red Tail: THEY ARE NOT BORN WITH RED TAILS, BUT RATHER, “EARN” THEM WITH AGE AND THROUGH WISDOM. Red Tailed Hawk’s Power is further represented by the beautiful red color that comes with maturity. This is our reminder that wisdom takes time and is not something that is given, the wisdom of Red Tailed Hawk is something that must be earned. Red represents Power, Energy, and the Kundalini. “The Kundalini is the Force that directs the flow of all other energy fields within the physical body. This Force lies dormant within each of us when we take up the Robe of Physical Life, and is thought to lie coiled at the base chakra (located near the base of the spine) and referred to as the ~Serpent Power. ~ There the Power lies sleeping until it is awakened via the Soul who begins the journey on the road of spiritual discovery and who is consciously acknowledging and incorporating their Life Lessons.” Preeetttty cool!

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