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“In Your Own Backyard” Bee Rescue

This little pollinator got caught in a rain storm. Unfortunately, for bees, if they get wet, they are unable to fly; their wings become waterlogged and they are usually left “paralyzed” until their wings/body dries out…or they die. I noticed this stranded bee on the stucco of the outside of my home for hours–from the time I left in the morning until I arrived home in the evening. I just so happened to have a bouquet of flowers in my kitchen, and grabbed this large orange daisy. I went outside and slid the little bee onto the flower and brought her out of the rain. I plugged in a small lamp right outside my covered front door and placed the perched bee under the light–not too close, just enough to add light and a little warmth to her water-soaked wings. I left her there overnight. When I woke up the next morning, she was still there…the storm had passed and the sun was out.  I brought her to an east-facing balcony outside my dining room so the natural light and warmth from the sun would soothe her. It took a matter of 5-10 minutes before I watched this treasured pollinator fly away. I wonder if she returned to the hive to tell the story of the “slumber party” she had had at a strangers house the night prior. Was the Queen up all night worried about one of her little worker bees who hadn’t come home that night? “Where have you been, young lady?” I can just hear it! :) In all seriousness, a small gesture of kindness and concern can make a big difference. 

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