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“In Your Own Backyard” Delilah the Dragonfly

This little winged ferry
is a dragonfly—notice her delicate facial features. I was able to capture her
as she gracefully landed on a flowering branch sticking out of the water of
small man-made lake. I asked her to please stay for a moment so I could take
her picture, and well…she happily obliged. If you look close enough, she looks
as though she is smiling for the camera—it seems as though her left side is her
best side. Dragonflies are beautiful
and old insects. They have been around for over 300 million years. There is a
profound philosophy of “life and death” that this winged creature represents. When the dragonfly larvae, or nymphs as they are called, are ready,
they shed their casing and the graceful adult insect emerges. As much as this
represents change, it can also be taken as a symbol of death, when the soul
leaves the body. Also, that the soul, after leaving the body, resides in a
different realm, can be likened to the fact that the life of the dragonfly is
also spent in two “realms”. While the larval stage of the insect that
is spent underwater, can be likened to life on earth, the emerging of the adult
insect that has wings and is airborne, can be compared to the soul that is free
from the body. (Source:
spends only a few months as a flying insect. This lends itself to the idea of
LIVING IN THE NOW. Dragonfly inspires us to make use of every moment, live like
there’s no tomorrow, and seek the extraordinary within the ordinary…

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