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A Special Guest For A Special Occasion

Today, I am getting married
in Telluride, Colorado. There will be a modest group of both family and friends
to celebrate this special occasion; but, one very majestic guest will honor us
with her grace and presence. Sienna, the Red-Tail Hawk, will be “delivering”
our rings. When the minister calls for the wedding bands, Sienna will fly up
the center isle between the rows of guest seats, and politely present us with
the symbols of our union woven neatly into a beautiful red ribbon tied to her
talon. Hawk symbolizes: Awareness, Insight, Clarity, Visionary
Power, Perspective, Strength, Initiative, Decisiveness and Guardianship, to
name a few. In navigating this new and exciting chapter, we invite these
aspects into our life and thank Hawk Spirit for it’s contribution…

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