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Aspects of Sienna

After the hustle and bustle of the nuptials, I had an opportunity to spend some one-on-one…or two…time with Sienna and her handler, Mic. I sat across from her and simply gazed in total awe at this magnificent creature. I examined her feathers….layers upon layers of perfect symmetry. I surveyed her talons, fully aware of the power these razor sharp “utensils” possess, and although they are weapons in the outside world, here, in this quiet and serene setting, the function of those talons were simply to hold her in balance–nothing more; nothing less. She was calm and relaxed. Once in a while she would slowly and deliberately spread her wings, as if to stretch. I felt humbled to be in her presence–privileged to be sharing this moment in time and space with something so regal and majestic. Time was fleeting–the handler spoke the words I dreaded from the moment this guest of honor showed up at our wedding: “It’s time for us to go; we have a long drive ahead.” Mic gently placed the hood over Sienna’s eyes, and carried my new and forever friend to her cage and out the door…

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