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Hitchin’ a Ride on the Beak of a Gosling

We’ve always been told, “Never hitchhike!”; however, I don’t think this little green bug (on the tip of this gosling’s nose) got the memo! That’s ok, though, I think the “driver” is harmless. While taking this photo, I imagined the insights this little gosling and her family of nine might be willing to impart. As the Spring Equinox takes hold, we will see our beloved Canadian Geese migrating back into the United States–perhaps to stay through summer or simply continue their journey back to Canada. This is a time of good fortune. We can assist these auspicious energies by being receptive and appreciative of all the good things that show up in our lives. Be creative. Be imaginative. Think “Mother Goose”, and allow the newness of spring to conjure visions of living a fairy tale life…

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