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The Aspens Have A Message

Do trees have a soul? Do they posses energy? The first thought that comes to mind is a concept from a book I once read called, The Celestine Prophecy, whereby the author describes all things as having an energetic signature associated with it. I believe this to be true, but lets look at the Aspen (the “quaking or trembling” Aspen) and see what energies are associated with it and what message this tree has to offer. Known as the “whispering tree”, Aspen is ruled by the planet Mercury, it’s Element is air, and it symbolizes Ascent, Protection and Overcoming Fear. It has been said that our ancestors believed that the wind was the messenger of the gods; thus, anything closely associated to wind spirit, like Aspen, was deemed sacred. As the wind passes through the fluttering leaves, they whisper a message of peace. We must listen. The Aspen teaches the lesson of fearlessness and gives us the strength to face our fears; fears that come from the unknown, and remain centered in peace. As we observe Aspens, we see they grow very close together–they stand united, as if to support one another. Dr. Edward Bach, founder of Bach Flower Remedies, once wrote: “The power of love stands behind and overcomes all things. Once we know this to be true, we are beyond pain, suffering, care, worry, and fear, and we become participants of true joy.” 

This photo was taken in Telluride, Colorado at the base of a 13,000 foot mountain. I can’t say when this beautiful word was carved into the trunk of this Aspen, I only know that when I came across it, I felt honored that she, the Tree, was willing to impart her message. She whispered. I listened.

Sending LOVE and LIGHT to Boston. May the benevolent energies of Mother Earth, our beloved Gaia, surround those that need Her healing, comfort and peace.

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