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Dear (Deer) Friends

Beauty. Peace. Compassion. Grace. Humility. Swiftness. Gentleness. Watchfulness. Connection to Spirit. Fertility. These are some of the symbolic traits of deer. A master at finding the green freshness that Mother Earth provides, deer can lead us into greener pastures of our own–inner treasures that are yet to be discovered. A renewal of spirit.

When we encounter deer in the wild, our breath catches. We become still, literally mesmerized by the profound beauty and grace that stands before us. In the case of this photo, once I allowed myself to breath again, these two deer and I stood completely still for what seemed like an eternity. After about five minutes, these two magnificent beings scampered down a bluff with such grace, it was as if they had pogo sticks for legs. Our ancestors once believed that the gift of deer brings us quick and powerful bursts of high energy. As I watched them make their “buoyant” exit, those words rang true. I bid them farewell and soon experienced a bittersweet moment of jaw-dropping awe and wishing so badly that I could have a deer (dear) friend of my very own…

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  1. Byron April 18, 2013 at 4:14 pm #

    Beautiful Noelle, thank you for that image. I can picture you friendly "stare down" with the deer. I bet neither (all) of you didn’t want to move or spoil the moment.

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