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“In Your Own Backyard” Piccola and Bast

Meet Piccola and Bast. Piccola is Italian, meaning “little
or small”. This now grown deer was once a tiny fawn, abandoned at a young age
and carried back to “the family” by Mikey, a local cattle dog. She became the resident
fawn by the owners of a 2500 acre ranch in Central California, and
appropriately named Piccola by the Italian wife. Over the years, Piccola formed
a friendship with this resident cat. As the story goes, told by the ranch
owner, these two unlikely friends “would do their own thing” throughout the
day, but as soon as dusk would fall upon the ranch, the little cat and deer
would seek each other out. They would meet behind the main house, in front of
the hay barn and begin their “dance”. In this photo, that is precisely what was
about to take place. The cat would weave in and out of Piccola’s legs for a few
minutes until they “agreed” on a place to sleep for the night—and off they
would go to cuddle. Although Piccola was the larger of the two, the cat seemed
to be the “protector”, ensuring Piccola (once a tiny fawn, now a full-grown
deer) was well guarded as each night took them into a bright, new day. I personally
named the cat, Bast. Bast, an Egyptian goddess was known to transform
into a feline each night to protect her family and those who called upon her
with her all-seeing night vision. Since the days of being a tiny abandoned fawn,
Bast has taken care of Piccola throughout her young and adult life. Naming
her Bast seemed like a no-brainer. Anatomically, these two could not be more
different; however, it just goes to show, there’s no place for judgment when it
comes to friendship…

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