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Care To Join Me…

…for a cup of coffee, a glass of Petite Sirah…..or perhaps, a
tall glass of refreshing ice water with a juicy slice of lemon!

After we are through sipping our beverage, might I suggest we go
for a stroll?  There…along that dirt path that meanders…where would you like it to take you?  What would you love to see?  Is there a message you’d like to hear from the wise Oaks that line the road?  Perhaps, feast on a naturally ripened apple from the wild-growing apple trees
just over the distant bluff?  We could go right or we could go left….for miles.
The forest of trees that greet us to the left are home to a cacophony of sound
that doesn’t stop because mere humans arrive. To the right, rolling hills of
abundant wildflowers house thousands of butterflies that not only greet you,
but also, because they so love travel, are known to hitch a ride on your arm or
shoulder and set off in any direction you’re headed. Oh, and lest we forget,
the soaring birds of prey overhead that fly on thermals alone; never a flap,
just gentle upward spirals that cross the boundary between Heaven and Earth. I assure
you, you will be in a state of profound awe and deep-rooted gratitude when you
feast your eyes on what lies ahead…on our path.

Care to join me?

“We do not walk alone. Great Being walks beside us. Know this and be grateful.”    ~Polingaysi Qoyawayma, Hopi

Earth Mother reveals her magic on this 2500-acre ranch in
Central California. See you again in June!

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