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The Power Of Synchronicity

SYN-CHRO-NIC-I-TY ~ noun ~ The experience of two or more events that are apparently causally unrelated or unlikely to occur together by chance, yet are
experienced as occurring together in a meaningful manner. The concept of synchronicity was first described in this terminology by Carl Jung, a Swiss
psychologist, in the 1920s.

Let’s take this concept a step further. In this “moment” in time and space here on Earth, many are
experiencing synchronicities regularly. It has been said that with the
increased level of awareness and raised consciousness, we will be experiencing
increased synchronicities in our lives. This is not déjà vu, whereby you are
standing in a fleeting moment that “feels like you’ve been in this exact place
before”…and then, poof, the moment is gone. No, this is different. As defined
above, this is a “tangible” occurrence that isn’t fleeting. It’s real and
it’s…..well, I say, a HUGE OPPORTUNITY!

Let’s ponder this thought, for a
moment: we are in a time of great manifesting/creative power in our physical
forms here on Earth. We are seeing this more and more—whether we are
consciously manifesting or unconsciously manifesting—WE ARE MANIFESTING.

With that said, let’s look at the
synchronistic event itself. In my personal opinion, I believe this is an opportunistic event presenting itself to you—it’s giving
you the right time, under the right conditions, to CONSCIOUSLY make a
declaration—a “thank you”-in-advance statement. As demonstrated in the photo
below, I liken these events to an aperture (an opening or portal) of a
camera lens. In the instant the synchronistic event occurs, the aperture is
wide open—the opportunity to get the manifesting wheel turning is WIDE OPEN.
Make a declaration. As the moment fades, the aperture begins to slowly
close. But know, as demonstrated, the aperture is always opened—we are always
manifesting…it’s just that, in the flash where the portal is opened completely, the manifesting power is much stronger. We have the opportunity to STOP, CONSCIOUSLY DECLARE OUR DESIRE, AND
RELEASE IT TO THE UNIVERSE. It is a potent creative moment, indeed. But remember, it’s
important to make the declaration through a statement of gratitude. For
example, an assertion such as, “Thank you, that I have found a job that utilizes
my artistic talent and I am paid generously for the work I do”…IS FAR DIFFERENT
THAN, “I want to find a job that utilizes my artistic talent and get paid
generously for the work I do.” You see the variance here? The former is a declaration
of ‘thanks’ as if it has already occurred, and the latter is a statement of

Like with many people, I never
really knew what to do with a synchronicity. I’ve always thought they were
“cool” and spent the powerful moment following one in total awe, but never really
utilized it’s great power. Now, as they occur in my life,
(and believe me, they are happening more and more frequently) I STOP, DECLARE

Ok, now you try it….it’s fun!

Oh, and by the way, the “model” used in my demonstration is named Oliver.
Owls are known for their incredible eyesight and focus. They are a symbol of
higher wisdom and sixth sense. The short-eared owl has a unique ability to show
up overnight wherever there is an eruption of field mice populations. This
sixth sense, of being in opportune places at opportune times, is what owl can

When the aperture is open, the
opportune time has arrived…use your sixth sense to recognize the
synchronicities occurring in your life…and for goodness sakes…….start

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