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Excerpt from “The Hummingbird That Answered My Heart’s Calling”


…and what to my wondering eyes should appear…?

A NEWBORN BABY HUMMINGBIRD! It’s tiny featherless head was up out of the nest just enough to feed. Artemis leaned over with her bright yellow pollen-covered beak and offered the sweet nectar she had just extracted from the flowers across the way. I was breathless, literally! Hands over mouth, holding my breath, so as not to utter a single sound, as joyful tears rolled down my cheeks.

At the risk of anthropomorphising her behavior, I had to wonder: Was I awakened for the sole purpose of introducing me to her new pride and joy? Could she sense how much I had been anticipating the arrival of her baby? Did she actually listen to my incessant chatter about it? How did she know I was home from Paris? Did she see or hear me come home the night before…at midnight?!

My fantasies about her motivation aside, a simple fact remained: at the dawn’s early light, Artemis flew right to my screen door and  hovered there until I awoke. I felt as though she was addressing me personally, “Come my friend, I have something to show you, I think you’ll be very pleased…” And pleased I was. I was quite literally overwhelmed! This was nothing short of spectacular.                

I watched her feed the newborn with gentle precision—transferring the nectar in the likeness of a silent jackhammer. I marvelled at how her sword-like beak could reach down the baby’s throat without the slightest injury, and in that moment of indescribable awe, it occurred to me: Yes! Of course! This was all part of the beauty…the goodness…the magic. Artemis had extended a personal invitation to witness her little miracle first-hand, and I accepted with honor.

COMING THIS SUMMER! The Hummingbird That Answered My Heart’s Calling ~ An Uplifting, Inspirational Memoir

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