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A Time for Transformation ~ Thad the Tad

We are in a very transformative time—both individually and
collectively. As we experience that which is one of the guarantees in life:
(death, taxes and change) we would do well in accepting and embracing
the metamorphosis that is taking place—to ask ourselves, in what stage of
development are we presently experiencing.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the amphibians in our environment, the real
“Agents of Change”– specifically the tadpole (polliwog). As summer approaches,
we will be seeing and hearing the oh-so-familiar manifestations that mark this
time of year. On warm summer evenings, as the sun slowly sets and BBQ’s are
fired up for grilling, our amphibian brethren will be reminding us of the
ongoing, year-after-year, transformation that takes place for all beings.

For most people, like the amphibians, we can pinpoint
specific periods in our life where major transitions have occurred or been
triggered. They are very definable stages. Amphibian teaches that we can
leverage certain times of the year. For example, preparation for reproduction
for frogs and toads begins the preceding autumn before the actual process in the spring. Because of this, these two
times of the year (Fall and Spring Equinox) can be the most powerful. They can be the best and most
opportune times to initiate new ideas, projects and the like.

Amphibians lead a double life, dividing their time on Earth
between land and water, with the second half spent at least partially on land.
From a symbolic standpoint, this can reflect much about what has always been
taught in lore about the power of amphibians. They are often the keeper of
dreams (water element). The ability to live in water and on land can then
reflect that lucid dreaming is going to be stimulated. Many amphibians are
thought to be the keepers of knowledge and astral projection…

Thank you, Thad!

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