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“In Your Own Backyard” Let Your Chi Flow…

As we look around, there’s no doubt that spring has arrived.
Even in the parts of the country, like Colorado, where spring has gotten a late
start, the signs are now abundant. Tiny, delicate Aspen leaves are blooming on
every tree, birds are nesting, and wild flowers are growing everywhere. But
what really makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside is how the neighborhood
residents have rushed to the local Home Depot, Lowes, or nursery to fill their
yards with a rainbow of colored Annuals (plants that perform their entire life
cycle from seed to flower to seed within a single growing season) to welcome
the arrival of spring. In California, where I am from, the seasons sort of blend into one another. This “sunshine” state’s winters are fairly mild and
the natural and human-coiffed foliage never really loses its luster. In states
like Colorado, where the seasons have distinct characteristics and EVERYTHING
goes dormant over the winter months due to snow, the spring and summer months are
immensely welcomed by the residents, hotel owners, restaurants and towns, in
general. The flowerbeds that adorn almost every street corner is a testament to
the, “Yeahhh! No more snow!” mentality. So as we begin to cultivate our
gardens once more, let’s take a look at the symbolic qualities of our
well-manicured plots.

In the study of Chinese
Feng Shui (literally meaning wind and water), the way in which a garden is set
up will either encourage the Chi (universal energy) to flow into and throughout the garden, or block it.
Furthermore, balancing the Yin-yang energy is also important. Yin-yang is the
idea that life energy can have a passive and an active side. It is based
on a concept of the universe as containing complementary opposites — qualities
that seem to be in contrast to each other, but that actually work together. For
example, soft and hard or light and dark are qualities that complement each
other. One must keep passive and active energy (Yin-yang) in balance, so that
your garden doesn’t make people frantic or put them to sleep.

garden is a point where Nature is controlled and subdued. It is Nature enclosed. It is also a symbol of the
feminine energies; the ability to create and nurture life. The kind of garden
you maintain (vegetable, herbal, flower, etc.) and the kind of animal life that
visits can be very insightful and strengthen your connection with Nature.
Caring for your garden is a means of symbolically saying you are open to Nature
and what it has to offer…and believe me, a garden, no matter how large or small
will provide the opportunity to commune with Nature in a way that is very
personal and enriching.

It is said, that the entire garden must be
considered in association and relationship with all things in Nature. Taoists
believe planting flowers serves to invite butterflies, piling up rocks serves
to invite the clouds, planting pine trees serves to invite the wind, planting
banana trees serves to invite the rain, and planting willow trees serves to
invite the cicada. These are all traditional symbolic associations.

addition, here are a few symbolic qualities of trees and flowers to ponder:


Apple: magic, youth, beauty, and happiness

Aspen: determination, overcoming fears and doubts

Beech: tolerance, past knowledge, softens over-criticism

Cypress: understanding the role of sacrifice

Elm: strength of will, intuition

Oak: strength and endurance, helpfulness, continuity

Orange: clarity to emotions, release of trauma

Palm: protection, peace, opportunity

Pine: balance of pain and emotions, creativity

Sycamore: communication, love, learning to receive

Willow: magic, healing, inner vision and dreams


integration, discipline and dragon force

self-worth, the power of words

manifestation of riches and beauty

power of inner beauty, clarity and thought

higher development, self-worth, dignity

increasing awareness, creativity, inner strength

purity of action and purpose, emotional help

happiness, healing, renewed joy

femininity, sexuality and warmth, new creation

magic, love, protection, healing, vision

birth, godly mind, humility

fidelity, longevity, loving sacrifice

love, strength through silence, passion

power, clarity of thought, sensitivity

will force, creative expression, clairaudience

opportunities, self-actualization, happiness


3 Responses to “In Your Own Backyard” Let Your Chi Flow…

  1. Janine Conahey May 21, 2013 at 7:13 pm #

    Your writings flow like a stream in the peaceful woods.

    • Noelle Meade May 21, 2013 at 8:13 pm #

      Thank you, Janine, that is so sweet to hear….I’m glad you enjoy them. Many blessings… :)

  2. Byron May 21, 2013 at 11:22 pm #

    Bell..Bella! Very informative and well written!

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