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To All Those Who Have Served


To all those
who suffer sorrow and pain

To those who
are selfless and acquire little gain

To those who
heed their country’s call

To those who do
more than give their all

To those in whose
veins flow, red, white and blue

To those who
follow orders and see them through

To those who
against all odds stand and fight

To our soldiers
who are courageous and never take flight

To those who’ve
been mistreated amid hateful throngs

To those whose
spirit soars proud and strong

Our thankful
hearts and loyalty we give to you

Our adoration, support
and endless praise anew

Your sacrifice
has been tried and true

Our precious
freedoms and protection we owe to you

~ Cynthia S.

We must never forget, the United States has an all volunteer military. Americans have chosen the profession of arms for a variety of reasons, but all of them ultimately take on the responsibility of maintaining our freedom and keeping us safe from tyranny… 

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