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“In Your Own Backyard” STANLEY!

Hello, Mr. Squirrel…what’s that? You say your name is Stanley? Well Stanley, it’s very nice to meet you. May I suggest you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you might be here to teach us?

“Sure! Well, I’m a backyard squirrel…you might see me often. I’m quite the “gatherer.” But, I bet you didn’t know that of all the nuts I hide for safekeeping, I only recover a total of 10%. One might assume that sheer absent-mindedness is at play here, but I actually have a very strong message related to the old adage “you reap what you sow”. You see, for us furry yard critters, we understand the literal implications of reaping what we sow. We plan, gather, prepare. But for our human brethren, we teach you to be mindful of the metaphorical seeds you plant in your own lives, for you will most certainly reap what you sow.”

“Now let us discuss all the nuts that I DON’T recover. Good news: all those ‘treasures’ are primed and ready to seed. This means that new generations of trees and plants will sprout from all the nuts burrowed in the soil, by…….well, ME! How’s that for balancing the aspects of giving and receiving!”

“Finally, I would like to encourage you to simply have more fun. I’m sure you’ve seen my daily antics–my playfulness, how I frolic about either by myself or with friends. Enjoy yourselves more and try not to take life so seriously. You are here to be happy…”

Thank you, Stanley.

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