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A Prickly Paradox

At Spring’s awakening every year
In deserts’ hostile rock and sand
From high atop the stately cactus
Blossoms brighten forbidding land
Cactus flowers teach all mankind
As they emerge from desolation
That we can survive a hostile world
With peace and love our salvation
~ Unknown 

Let’s explore the dual aspects of the cactus
plant (the spines and flower). Cacti are distinctive and unusual plants,
adapted to extremely arid and hot climates. They possess a wide range of
features that conserve water where there is minimal supply. Their stems expand
into green succulent structures containing the chlorophyll necessary to grow and
thrive. But what of the exquisite flowers that accompany these prickly plants?
What does this dichotomy teach us?

It is said that the beautiful blossoms symbolize
endurance, warmth and love.  Cactus
flowers are an intricate rarity. Though they live their life surrounded by
prickly spines, they are not daunted. They proudly display their beauty and
share it with whom ever is willing to partake.

Humans have the same capacity to exhibit
endurance, warmth and love, but often get bogged down in a sometimes, hostile
world and forget to show their beautiful blossoms.  Despite having the innate ability to love
deeply, we often cover our warm hearts with a hard prickly ‘protective’ exterior.

As with cactus, though we humans live in a world
of duality—spines and flower, love and hate, joy and sorrow–we posses the gift
of being able to reach deep within our core (our stem) and employ the
chlorophyll (love) necessary to grow and thrive, even when there appears to be
minimal supply.

Thank you, cactus.

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  1. Byron May 6, 2013 at 8:26 pm #

    Hi Noelle, I feel paricularly moved by this post since I’ve been told that "I OFTEN can be prickly." Thank you for giving me a little more chlorophyll in my take when I need to see and act the bigger picture that surrounds me.

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