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“In Your Own Backyard” QUINCY!

Meet Quincy the California quail. He
is a handsome, round soccer ball of a bird with a rich gray breast, intricately
scaled underparts, and a curious, forward-drooping head plume (he looks a little like a Casanova, I must say). Quail is a member of the chicken-shaped family known as the galliformes
that also include, chickens, pheasants, grouse, and the like.

I met Quincy on one of my afternoon
walks as he was courting a female friend. He perched himself on this picket
fence while his love interest scampered across the walking trail and up a small
bluff. He soon eagerly followed. Known for their frenzied mating antics, Quail has earned a reputation of sexuality and fertility.

Quail has a wonderful ability to
easily spot danger. They will often sit in a tight circle on the ground, tails
together in the center, their heads facing the outer rim of the ring—appearing
like the spokes of a wheel. This posture enables them to take off with a loud
explosion and fly in all directions to confuse the predator when threatened.

Quail can teach us to be mindful of
dangers and how to explode to safety as needed. They teach us how not to hesitate
in times of crisis.

Thank you, Quincy.

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