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Fire in the Sky ~ Telluride

Many cultures ~ Many sun myths

Let’s explore a few here: 

Some solar myths explain the sun’s daily movement across the sky from east to west and its disappearance at night. Such stories often take the form of a journey, with the sun deity traveling across the heavens in a chariot or boat. Helios, a Greek solar deity  later identified with Apollo, was a charioteer who drove his fiery vehicle through heaven by day. At night he floated back across the ocean in a golden bowl, only to mount his chariot again the next morning.

The Navajo people of the American Southwest portray their sun god as a worker named Jóhonaa’éí, or sun bearer. Every day Jóhonaa’éí laboriously hauls the sun across the sky on his back. At night, he hangs the sun from a peg in the wall and rests.

The Egyptian sun god Ra made a similar circuit. Each day he traveled across the sky in his sun boat, and at night he passed through the underworld, greeting the dead and facing many dangers. Ra’s daily cycle was more than a journey, though—it was a daily rebirth. Dawn saw the newborn sun god rise in the sky. During the morning he was a child, at noon he was mature, and by sunset he was an old man ready for death. Each sunrise was a celebration of the god’s return, a victory of life over the forces of death and darkness.

The Celts also viewed the sun’s journey as a cycle of death and rebirth but on a yearly rather than a daily cycle, with midwinter as death and spring as rebirth. The Celtic celebration called Beltane, held in spring, honored their sun god Belenus.

In the mythology of many Native Americans, the sun god and moon god are sister and brother who also become forbidden lovers. The moon god’s face is smeared with ash from the sun’s fires, which accounts for the dark patches on the moon’s surface. In some accounts, the moon flees in shame when he learns that his lover is also his sister. This is why the moon leaves the sky when the sun comes near.

No matter the myth; no matter the lore–we love our sun!

Limitless undying love which shines around me like a million suns it calls me on and on across the universe   ~ John Lennon “Across the Universe”

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  1. Byron May 8, 2013 at 2:58 pm #

    This is The End, my only friend The End! Right? Or, beginning?

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