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Do Nymphs, Fairies and Elves Exist?

Ah yes, the proverbial, Enchanted Forest ~ where Fairies, Elves, Nymphs and all the
little “nature spirits” that frolic in these magical places live. We know that
hundreds, if not thousands, of stories have been written using the Enchanted Forest
as a backdrop for these magical beings, but do these little critters really
exist? Whether they are physical entities that inhabit the Earth, and we just
can’t see them, or they are a figment of our hyper-active imagination, children
and adults, alike, will agree that when we come across a densely populated forest of trees and
lush foliage, we are immediately transported to that place that begs the
question: “I wonder if Elves and Fairies live in there?”

Let’s take a
look at the “essence” of a few of these creatures, so we know what to expect,
should we ever encounter one (or more) of these pint-sized individuals:  

Fairies are delightful, magical spirits with kinship to flowers, insects, and other small creatures. They are problem-solvers, helpers, fixers, and protectors of nature. Fairies derive their spirits
from numerous sources. Some of the more common spirits come from flowers,
berries, herbs, and tree blossoms. Fairy spirits can also come from insects
like dragonflies, bees, butterflies, moths, fireflies, and beetles. There are also
fairies whose spirits come from small birds, animals, lizards, amphibians, and
sea creatures such as finches, robins, wrens, sparrows, moles, shrews, bats,
sea horses, starfish, oysters, salamanders, and toads. 

Elves are happy, implike magical beings. They are generally good-natured practical jokers ~ even a little mischievous. Elves look young, but most are actually very old. They have lived on the earth longer than any other magical creatures and cannot grow old or die. Elf magic is something of a mystery. Elves do not often use their magic in front of other beings, so it is not known how far their abilities extend. It is clear that they can appear and disappear at will, and they are considered to be the most powerful of all magical creatures.

Nymphs are beautiful magical
maidens inhabiting woods, rivers, mountains, seas, meadows, and trees. They are
often employed by beings in positions of importance or power such as the Spirit
of Knowledge. Nymphs age very slowly, like merpeople (commonly called mermaids) and satyrs (woodland creatures that are part man, part goat), and can live
for hundreds of years. Nymphs are believed to have the ability to capture
unicorns, though that belief is not proven.

So, should you ever enter an Enchanted Forest, greet all that exists with love and appreciation…and walk gently…

3 Responses to Do Nymphs, Fairies and Elves Exist?

  1. Carrie Greenwald May 9, 2013 at 10:36 pm #

    Hello Noelle! Thank you for that post—I really enjoyed it. Perhaps you’d like to take a peek at what we’re up to on our facebook page: Maher & Greenwald Fine Gardens. Today we nearly completed a Fairy Garden in CT. All best to you,
    Carrie Greenwald

    • Noelle Meade May 10, 2013 at 1:42 am #

      Hello Carrie! So nice to hear from you! I went to your page and, of course, "Liked" it (very much)! I am a new fan! A Fairy Garden–that’s wonderful! Great work! I look forward to seeing more of your lovely gardens in the future! All the best to you, as well!

  2. Prince Petropia August 20, 2013 at 6:11 am #

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