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(((((((( LOVE & LIGHT )))))))) to Our Bees…

I know I’ve recently posted about our beeloved bees; however, I wanted to share an article on the current status on our precious pollinators. It’s a quick and easy read, but definitely worth your time.

While there are several things we can do to preserve the health of our bees (and that starts at the top–think Government), one of the most important things we can do to support the bees energetically is to take a few moments, each day if possible, and in your minds eye IMAGINE the health of the hives–the abundance of bees! SEE them swarming around an almond tree, filling their tiny pollen pockets as they bop from blossom to blossom–HEAR their healthy buzzing!

We need our pollinators and the least we can do to support their loving contribution to our planet is stop and “pray”… 

Thank you, Bee Nation…  


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