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Sea the Connection?

Ah, the ocean….the sea ~ water: it is the primal life force. Many myths and scriptures speak of how all of life sprang from the seas. The ocean is the symbol of womb, mother, and woman.

Water in general, is a dynamic force. It is in constant transition–WE are in constant transition. Perhaps, the ocean can teach us how best to work with these transitions and create beautiful change in the landscape of our lives.

The great seas are symbols of the subconscious mind and even the unconscious mind. They can help us to awaken the deeper levels of the mind. Water reflects our emotions, individually AND collectively. If we pay close attention to the quality of the activity of the water in seas, oceans and rivers, we may very well see these aspects within our selves. Calm. Peaceful. Raging. Healing. Destructive….the list goes on. 

Can you sea (see) the connection?

Thank you, oceans, seas, and rivers…

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