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“Moose Out Front Shoulda Told Ya”

Yellowstone National Park, July 2013

“Sorry folks, park’s closed. Moose out front shoulda told ya!”

Oh, on the contrary! Although John Candy’s
character in National Lampoon’s classic summer hit, “Vacation”, emphatically
stated to the Griswalds, “park’s closed”, THIS mighty moose says, “Yellowstone
Park is O-P-E-N!”

I was able to capture this lone female cow (no antlers) …think Rocky and “Cowwinkle”, not Rocky and Bullwinkle, in a stunningly
green watering hole, enjoying a cool beverage on a warm summer afternoon in
Yellowstone National Park.

In our modern world, we see moose depicted in
cartoons, films, gift shops as oversized stuffed animals, and the like.
Historically, however, the moose is one of the most ancient and most unique of
the power animal totems. It is an animal of great contradictions. It is strange
and yet majestic. It seems awkward, but there is a tremendous gracefulness to
it, and despite its size, it has the unique ability to move silently and
speedily. While it makes us smile, it also causes us to catch our breath.

With the exception of mating season, moose is a
predominately solitary animal with a unique ability to make good use of its
territory—be it lake, pond, grassy plains or spruce forests. Moose medicine
teaches us to do the same.

Because of its excellent depth perception (and
intuition), moose can accurately judge the negotiability of an area that other animals cannot. It is able to move through great depths of snow and through marshes that would
trip up many others. Moose medicine teaches us to do the same.

Moose is often associated with the feminine
energies, the maternal forces of the world, partly due to its direct
relation to water. Water is the primal symbol of the feminine forces of
the Universe. It is the symbol of creativity and dynamic forms of intuition and
illumination. The sea is the point from which all life comes and to which all
life returns. “It is the great womb of the Universe”. The moose is often seen
in marshy areas and standing in lakes.

Moose has the unique ability to plunge to the
bottom of large bodies of water, and can remain there feeding for up to a full minute before
surfacing in a burst with fresh greens dangling from its mouth.

Moose medicine invites us to learn to explore
new depths of awareness and sensitivity within ourselves and within our

Thank you, Moose…

Click link below for “National Lampoon’s Vacation” clip


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  1. Byron July 11, 2013 at 5:37 pm #

    Very good to know about Moose…Cowinkle…funny! I didn’t know Moose can swim below the surface; never even seen that on nature film. Thank you.

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