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The Scales of Nature

Grand Teton National Park, 2013

Today’s post is a beautiful poem entitled, A MEDITATION ON PHELPS LAKE.  

While the photo below is not of Phelps Lake, it is within Grand Teton National Park, the home of the Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve and part of the beautiful landscape that this majestic park has to offer.


A feather floats on Phelps Lake-
a cradle of light
rocking with the breeze.

Wind speaks through pines.
Light animates granite.
An Eagle soars – its shadow crosses over us.

All life is intertwined.

We see the Great Peaks
mirrored in water-


Reflection Leads us to restoration.

Nature quiets the mind
by engaging with an intelligence
larger than our own.

Mindful of different ways of being,
Our awareness as a species shifts-

We recognize the soul of the land as our own.

The path of wisdom invites us
to walk with a humble heart

recognizing the dance
between diversity and unity,
action and restraint.

The Scales of Nature
will always seek equilibrium
A feather can tip the balance.

~ Terry Tempest Williams
National Park Service

“Concern for the environment and access to parks is not frivolous or peripheral; rather it is central to the welfare of people- body, mind and spirit.”  ~ Laurance S. Rockefeller


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