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FOR RENT ~ FunFOTOfriday

FOR RENT~ Beautiful 1
bedroom squirrel condo—fully furnished with fresh Aspen tree leaves and various down feathers. This east-facing property boasts a beautiful location built 10ft
high on a young Ponderosa Pine with beautiful views and centrally located to open
wetlands, abundant vegetation, and vast amounts of pinecones. As an added
incentive, tenants will find various nuts, including raw almonds and sunflower
seeds scattered around the property. Immediate occupancy. Rent is free—just
bring your playful personality and joyful demeanor and the place is yours…

For those who have been following the three adorable
squirrels, Hop, Skip and Jump via our “Live Squirrel Cam” and some still
photography that I’ve been posting over the last two weeks, you have probably
noticed, as of late, a vacant “condo”…indeed, an empty nest.

While the last two weeks have been a most joyous experience
for me and those who have participated in the fun, I have to say, the last
two days of seeing the condo empty has evoked a bit of sadness in
me, as well. Observing the daily antics of these sweet nut-chowing, pine-cone
crunching, and tree-limb scampering “fur
kids” had become a part of my routine. I found myself looking forward to each day
with anticipation of what I might discover next about these oh-so-animated
creatures. Needless to say, they never let me down! I was surprised and delighted
each and every day!

But now they have moved out.

So, here’s where the lesson for me comes in: Hop, Skip and
Jump have taught me ACCEPTANCE. They have taught me to enjoy each moment in
this time/space continuum with wonder and awe…and with non-attachment to the outcome. Let me say that again: “…with NON-ATTACHMENT
to the outcome.”

They have reminded me to appreciate and honor the experience
without expectation; to just take
each moment as a gift and release the ego’s will to somehow control matters.

For anyone who knows me (or reads my blogs), you have a
general idea of how I feel about nature/wildlife and how “it—they”, teach us profound
lessons through their symbolism (and physical characteristics and behaviors).
Our teachers come in all shapes, sizes, and

It is said: “When the student is ready, the teacher will
show up”. We humans are in a constant state of learning, growing and evolving.
We are presented with lessons when we are ready to learn them; through any
means we are open and receptive to “receiving the data.”

Thank you, Hop, Skip, and Jump for allowing me to be your
faithful pupil…

(If you click on the Facebook icon at the bottom of the HOME PAGE, you will be directed to
my Community page that has several “cam captures” and full-color photographs of
Hop, Skip and Jump)

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