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Flashback Butterfly

I couldn’t help myself. I know most of you have seen The Donny and Marie Show, circa……ummmmm…….1975?…..’76? Ok, let’s just agree on THE 70s. 

As I photographed this winged beauty, I couldn’t help but remember the soft and sweet melody of Marie’s song, pleading: 

“Butterfly, my Butterfly

Though I know you must be free
Butterfly don’t flutter by
Stay a little while with me”

Like most enchanting creatures in nature, butterflies take our breathe away. We catch a glimpse of one fluttering by, immediately stop in our tracks, and just observe. Where are they going? we wonder, as they haphazardly flit on by.

We may not know where butterfly is going; however, we certainly know where butterfly has been. Lest we forget the symbolism of our fluttering friend: transformation and change. Butterfly teaches us that within the stages of metamorphosis are the keys to creating
anything…and we are constantly creating and changing. Change is inevitable in
life and life only becomes more difficult when we resist its natural flow. So
let’s take butterfly’s lead and use the inherent magic of a slow and deliberate
metamorphosis to our advantage. Change ensures growth. We must
shed the old before we can come into the new…

Now, I know you and I have seen numerous photos of butterfly “floating” around the internet; BUT, how many times have you had Marie Osmond sing to you, too?

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