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In The Flow With American Buffalo

Yellowstone National Park: July 2013

I’d like to begin with a reminder
that today is the beginning of a New Moon—a time that, after the Full Moon’s
energy of releasing that which no longer serves us, the New Moon’s energy
supports that which we desire and “intend” to manifest in our lives.

With that said, let’s discuss the American buffalo, which is actually a
bison. (Buffalo is a name that applies to the animals of Asia and Africa.) Bison
symbolizes manifesting abundance through right action and right prayer and its cycle of power is year-round; good news for us humans!

To the plains Indians, bison was a
symbol of sacred life and abundance. It is said, “a beautiful woman dressed in
white buffalo fur appeared. She brought to the Lakota a sacred pipe that showed
how all things were connected. She taught the men and the women many mysteries
of the earth, and she taught them how to pray and follow the proper path upon
the earth. She showed them how to pray for and bring forth abundance. As she
left, she rolled upon the earth and became a white buffalo calf and then
disappeared over the horizon. No sooner had she disappeared and great herds of
buffalo were seen all around the Indian camps.”

As a symbol of abundance, part of
what White Buffalo Woman taught the Lakota is that they did not have to struggle to survive if the right action
was joined with the right prayer—if the Divine was united with the mundane
appropriately. In other words, both the mundane (action on our part) and spirit (prayer) are necessary for manifesting what we are seeking.

There is a catch, however: it is not in our best interest to “bull” our way through. The path opens and is not made difficult when we ALLOW—when we are IN THE FLOW. Herein lies the clandestine: when we
are in the flow, we are not pushing and we are not forcing. This doesn’t mean
we should sit back and do nothing, but rather, we take the appropriate steps
and then become open and receptive to the Divine flow. Allow the events to take
their natural course, knowing that everything is happening in the right time
under the right conditions. Bison teaches us how to work with the natural

The bison can weigh up to a ton and
a half and has a massive head, humped shoulders, and has a somewhat exaggerated
appearance due to its shaggy fur. Humps are said to be symbolic of stored
forces—reservoirs that can be tapped. Because the hump occurs at the shoulder
level of the bison, implies that we must incorporate our own efforts; that
abundance is available if we know how to tap it. The weight of our burdens AND
our rewards is on our shoulders. While this may appear daunting, it is comforting to know that bison’s massive head
symbolizes the higher faculties—the ability to tap into the heavens while
remaining grounded and focused on applying our own efforts.

This massive, magnificent creature
is the epitome of that which has been stated in Biblical scripture: “The Lord
helps those who help themselves.”

We all can find things in our life
that we have manifested and are thankful for. Bison also reminds that the quickest
way to stop the flow of abundance is
by failing to honor that which has already come to us…stay in a state of
gratitude, my friends…

Thank you, Bison (American Buffalo)

2 Responses to In The Flow With American Buffalo

  1. Jerry Bishop July 18, 2013 at 11:39 am #

    Nice post and a great photo

    • Noelle Meade August 13, 2013 at 7:25 pm #

      Thank you, Jerry!! I’m not sure why I missed your comment…my apologies…but better late than never, they say! :) Cheers!

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