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Light of the World, Shine on Me…

Name your price 
A ticket to paradise 
I can’t stay here any more 
And I’ve looked high and low 
I’ve been from shore to shore to shore 
If there’s a short cut I’d have found it 
But there ain’t no easy way around it 

Light of the world, shine on me 
Love is the answer 
Shine on us all 
Set us free 
Love is the answer… 

~ England Dan & John Ford Coley

As I took my morning “gratitude” (that’s my slang for
“walk”), I looked around at all the natural beauty around me: lush green
foliage, wild sunflowers EVERYWHERE, Pikes Peak with a light dusting of snow
(if you can believe it!) from yesterday’s thunderstorm, birds racing past me of
all shapes and sizes, dragonflies, butterflies, bees, and trees, OH MY! My five
senses took it all in, even my sense of taste captured the moist dew left over
from yesterday’s liquid dousing. But, here’s the interesting part: without me
even “thinking”, my sixth sense kicked in, the sense I like to refer to as my
sense of gratitude. This sense is also known to be
intuition—intuition is said to come from our Divine connection to God, the
Supreme Intelligence…the Universe. It just so happens, for me, gratitude comes
from the same place.

In meandering through the walking trails, I found it SO EASY
to be in a place of love and appreciation. It was natural and it felt really
good. So herein lies my a-ha moment: as human beings, we are inundated with
feelings of discontent, unhappiness, regret, resentment, and hatred, to name a
few—and this is on the “lighter” side. On the heavier side, just tuning into a
news station, we see the worst in the human condition, both individually and
collectively. And we ask ourselves: “How can we learn to love—love ourselves,
love others? How can we learn to trust? When there is so much ugliness around
us and within us (which is really an illusion), how can we live our lives centered in a place
of authentic love?

My answer? It starts with NATURE.

Humans have the capacity to make moral decisions. Based on
that, other humans stand in a place of judgment of what they deem right and
wrong. In this time/space continuum, this is neither good nor bad, it’s simply
the level of consciousness we live in now. NATURE, however, is pure—pure love
that has agreed to infuse into this consciousness and offer a respite from our
human-inflicted pain and suffering. Nature reminds us of the magic that still
exists despite our inability to see beyond our ego selves. It reminds us where we
all come from: pure love and beauty.

So, in this world where we find it difficult, or have forgotten, how to love others, my advice
is to go outside and begin your “love journey” there. It doesn’t cost a thing
and with each passing day, nature will give you a reason to feel love in your
heart once more. In time, you will feel that love turned towards yourself and
towards others.

Love is the

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“LOVE IS THE ANSWER”  England Dan & John Ford Coley

One Response to Light of the World, Shine on Me…

  1. Byron August 12, 2013 at 7:38 pm #

    Wow, that was a power(ful) walk! Deep thoughts by Noelle Handy! So start with the unconditional love of ALL nature to build a habit or reflex of grattitude? Hmmm, on a lighter note, that’s a pretty content looking bird.

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