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Have Your Eyes Really Seen?

The words I have to say

May well be simple but they’re true

Until you give your love

There’s nothing more that we can do


Love is the opening door

Love is what we came here for

No one could offer you more

Do you know what I mean

Have your eyes really seen


You say it’s very hard

To leave behind the life we knew

But there’s no other way

And now it’s really up to you


Love is the key we must turn

Truth is the flame we must burn

Freedom the lesson we must learn

Do you know what I mean

Have your eyes really seen

     ~ Love Song, Elton John 

This photo was taken on the way to Telluride, Colorado. As we listened to Elton John’s classic album, Tumbleweed Connection (one of my all-time favorites from Sir Elton), this song began to play as we slowly meandered around the majestic lake. We slowed down and decided to just pull over and take in the beauty. It was breathtaking. We could hear the faint music still playing in the car. Have you ever been doing something and a song comes on as if some cosmic force is creating the “musical score” to your life?

That’s what this felt like. No other song could have captured this moment or delivered a more profound message in the time when I–and the world at large–needs it most. In the wake of all that is taking place on this planet, we must find our way…we must remember what we came here for… 

…do you know what I mean… 


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