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A Horse Is A Horse, Of Course, Of Course…

“A horse is a horse, of course, of
And no one can talk to a horse of course
. That is, of course, unless
the horse is the famous Mister Ed.”

Oh, the majesty of horse! Their
strength, their power, their poise…and lest we forget, their healing power—think
equine assisted psychotherapy that incorporates horses experientially for
emotional growth and learning.

Although horse is considered a very “common” animal, the history and profound significance of this awesome beast could grace the pages of an entire book, for no single animal has
contributed more to the spread of civilization than this “four-legged”.

horse’s domestication, the distance between peoples and societies was so great,
there was little to no interaction. Horse brought humans together,
and at the same time, enabled those same humans to explore, discover, and seek freedom from the constraints of the very communities they formed. They were willing
participants in our fledgling journey—another creature that played a “supporting role in our human screenplay”—or drama (think
early wartime).

Horse has served humanity in travel, in war, in agriculture, in entertainment, in recreation, and other areas of life. Today, horse is limited mostly to recreation and agriculture; but, it’s energy is expansive.

Horse is rich in lore and mythology.
It has been associated with both burial rites and birth—with individuals riding
into and out of the world upon it. The Norse god, Odin, rode upon an
eight-legged steed. The chariot of Surya, the Hindu sun god, is pulled by
stallions, as is the chariot of Apollo in Greek Mythology. And of course, in
Chinese astrology, horse people are said to be friendly and adventurous with
great appeal and persuasiveness.

As a great animal totem, horse
symbolizes travel, power and freedom. Although, over time, this wild creature
has been domesticated, its energy has always been, and will always be, a representation of freedom.
When horse shows up, we may ask ourselves if it’s time to examine aspects of
freedom within our own life. Are we feeling constricted? Are we constricting
others? Is it time to assert our freedom and power in new areas? These are all
interesting questions to ask ourselves when horse catches our eye; however, the
one question that resonates with me the most is this: As horse has done its
part in assisting civilization—in contributing to the greater good of man—are
we willing to do the same…to follow the path of horse who has enriched the
lives of humans for centuries? Oh, Mister Ed, Silver, Seabiscuit, Black Beauty,
Secretariat, Phar Lap, Flicka, Black, and so many others………..I sure hope so….

In love and gratitude…thank you,


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