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Imagine that all of life’s energy resonated in harmony and affected everything.

Suppose that words affected people not only through their sound, but the intention of their meaning made an energetic impact even when simply thought.

Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work, photographing the alterations that occur in the molecular structure of water supports this idea. In a revolutionary study, Dr. Emoto typed different words in several languages onto paper and then taped them to glass bottles filled with water. The bottles were then frozen, and the next day, the water crystals were extracted, examined under a dark-field microscope and photographed. His results showed variation in the formation of each and every crystal, depending on the words used.

He captured the beautiful, balanced, crystalline results in water after it had been exposed to loving, kind, or nurturing concepts applied through these written words. In comparison, he also photographed the results of the formation of crystals after the water was exposed to hateful, angry and unkind words–these crystals were ugly and quite distorted to say the least.

Dr. Emoto further explained that the same shift in the molecular structure of larger bodies of water, such as oceans, lakes, streams, rivers, etc., occurs when the water is prayed over. The “energetic signature” of positive words and intentions during prayer has the same affect.

NOW IMAGINE THIS: if words affect water….how might they affect us? We are, to a great degree, comprised of water – a whopping 75%!

Things that make you go….”Hmmmmmmm”….


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  1. Noelle Meade September 18, 2013 at 7:06 pm #

    GREAT question…never thought of our 75%. I wonder what affect tatoos have then?

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