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Get In Touch With Your Inner Hummingbird

As the Fall Equinox takes hold, our precious hummingbirds will be making their way back to their wintering grounsd. But, how do we hold onto their joyful essence while they are away?

Well, for those who are open
to experiencing life’s everyday miracles—seeing the extraordinary within the ordinary–in the midst of the stressors
and strife that seem to inundate our lives, I say: Get in touch with your inner hummingbird!

Here’s 3 simple ways:

1) Actively and consciously SEEK the goodness in life. Start in
nature. Go outside and see the profound beauty around you. Imagine the
“logistics” of what the hummingbird does each day: they find beauty (flower);
they seek sweetness (nectar). 

Small, but very powerful feelings of gratitude and child-like awe are part of an enriching daily routine. Appreciate a wild sunflower that is purposely following the position of
the sun…and smile. Appreciate how long a mature tree has been in that single location. Stop and imagine how many
things and people that tree has seen in its lifetime…and smile. Appreciate the
flight pattern of a bird overhead. Stop and realize that our modern aircraft
was built as a result of what birds have revealed to us in their common flight…and smile.

2) Focus on Perspective. Step
away and see that we are a part of the Divine whole, not the center of the
Universe. Only once we release the ego’s attachment to being the center of the
Universe can we begin to heal. Hummingbird’s perfect balance in giving and
receiving—being a part of the whole—teaches us this.

3) Don’t Fear the Quiet. Like most creatures in nature, loud and overbearing “ruckus” is unnerving; especially for the tiniest bird know to man.

Waking up before you’re ready, making the coffee,
rushing to work and getting inundated with complaints, getting stuck in traffic
on the way home and, oh yeah, having to stop at the grocery store…rinse and
repeat on Tuesday. Sound familiar?

Life doesn’t have to be a “grind”. Many of
us have gotten so accustomed to incessant chatter in our lives – from our
mobile smartphones to what’s inside our own heads – that we don’t know how to
respond to and appreciate silence. There are many ways to
silence the chatter, which offers surprising renewal and fresh perspectives. Make a conscious choice to NOT turn the TV on; NOT turn the stereo on…NOT get on the phone. Just sit in sweet silence and be.

Hummingbird blessings…. 

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