The Magic of High-Quality Photographs

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Do you have a blog to manage? Do you run a website? Do you publish a lot of text-based content on a regular basis? Then you must feel the need to accompany your text with photographs. You might feel that you need to do your own photography to build websites or to include in your articles. But there is a solution for your worries.

Creative Commons is an organization funded by donations. It has a huge collection of media that content creators can distribute legally. They handle and build on existing copyrights for all kinds of media content. Users can then download free images for websites, free audio clips for videos, and other items.

Creative commons images are available to users for free. You can visit their website and browse the gallery for relevant images. Their database contains millions of media items which, of course, include images as well. Creative commons pictures are accessible to people all over the world. You can download them for your personal use. For example, if you have a food blog, you can embellish it with pictures of food items. The pictures can also be used for commercial purposes. For instance, you can beautify your company’s website with these royalty free images.

The fact that you can re-use, re-distribute, and edit these pictures makes it even more amazing. All you have to do is follow the terms of copyright that the original creator has set. If you follow them, you can access their content and use these public domains images free of cost.

Besides the Creative Commons, there are many other websites that offer free images download. Two very famous ones are Pixabay and Unsplash. They have thousands of images in their database, all available in high quality. Some websites have separate categories made. So, for example, if you want animals’ picture free download, just click on the ‘Animals’ tab. It will open up a plethora of results. On some websites, you can also search up your keywords. Their advanced search engine will show you the most relevant results. You can easily download these pictures with a click of your button.

If you do not have the budget but truly love pictures, free download is the best way to appreciate this wonderful art. You do not have to worry about the many legal issues that come with re-using content anymore. Feel free to download and edit your favorite pictures. Use them to bring life to your websites, documents, and presentations.

  • Influential Images Lead to Influential Messages

Once you have got your project, create some photos that represent your brand. The most important thing about a website is that it truly communicates the message of the company or personal business. To accomplish this, either one would opt for custom photography or go for stock photography. Stock photography include sources like, shutter stock and Getty images. Both are great options to go for as a lot of it depends on what your budget is and type of desired photography you are expecting to create.

Below are some elementary tips that would help make the appropriate choices for your project:


If you are planning for a hero image and a hero image is that large beautiful photo sort of like web banner image that you first lay eyes on homepage of website. Now consider the size of that photo or imagery you are going to put into the front page. What kind of sizing you are looking for; either rectangular shaped or something that is longer in width but shorter vertically. Consider what size and what kind of lens you are looking at while figuring out your photography.


Next thing to number among is colors. Conceding your project’s demand is to have people in it then what would be the color of their shirts? What will be the color of their eyes? The color should harmonize with your branding, your logo and with your color palette.


Evaluate what you are messaging through images. Most often there is one strong message that sits on top of that hero image supposedly. Envision about that message; foresee what it means to your audience and how the image you excerpt can deliver your target message to users.


While doing stock photography, you go for stock websites and browse millions of images. The minus point of these sites is that there is lack of exclusiveness in those images. Since these sites can be hunted by anyone and in the end, anyone can have the same image that you have chosen. Watch out of picking up photos from that first page of search list. Try to dig a bit deeper in search results to avoid frequently used images by public and thus make your content and website unique.

All these factors really let on for well-formed, professional and strong messages in your images that the website holds.

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