Top Profitable Photography Careers in 2017 you Should Know

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If you are a photographer, you are lucky because there are lots of ways to make money as a photographer. However most photographers don’t know the photography career they can do and make money from. So most photographers ask themselves questions like “what kind of photography career can I start?” and “how profitable is the photography career?”

I will answer your questions in this article, so read on.

There are lots of careers in the field of photography – portrait photography, photojournalism, commercial photography, etc. Each career requires different unique skills. But no matter the kind of photography career you are into, you will be able to make lots of money from it. No career is better than the other.

  1. Commercial photography. Commercial photography is an area of photography that specializes in helping people to promote their services. As a commercial photographer, your job is to take photos of products, services, building, or even company employees for media such as catalogs, websites, and advertisement. Take this from me, commercial photography is one of the most lucrative and busiest careers in photography.
  2. Photojournalism is an area of photography that specializes in documenting people, and events for newspapers, magazines and other publications. Photojournalism requires you to be a very skilled story teller. A photojournalist works for magazine or newspapers either as freelancers or staffs to cover events (national, local, or international) such as politics, court proceedings, or sports.
  3. Scientific photography. Scientific photography is an area of photography that documents varieties of subjects to record experiments, illustrate technical information, and bring to life some photos that are not usually visible to the naked eyes. As a scientific photographer, you need some special techniques and equipments. Techniques such as underwater photography, micrography, and infrared photography. Scientific photographers work for search facilities, universities or government agencies.
  4. Freelance photography. Freelance photography are for photographers who love been their own boss rather than working for someone. As a freelance photographer, you get lots of opportunities to work in different industries. You can work in the fashion industry, or the new industry. However, it is quite difficult to establish yourself as a freelance photographer.
  5. Portrait photography – I love portrait photography. Portrait photography is a good photography career. As a portrait photographer, you can take school photos and even wedding photos. Your job as a portrait photographer is to capture the moment. As a portrait photographer, you don’t have a fixed place of work, you can work wherever you would like to work. Great, right?

  • Four top tools you need for your photography business

You just started a photography business, and I am sure your main goal is for your business to grow very successful. However, for your business to grow successful, there are some tools you must have.

Here I will give your four top tools you need to run your photography business as successful as you want.

  1. Start a blog. If you want to get successful in your photography website, you need an online presences and a great one at that. For you to boost your online presence, you need a blog. Starting a blog is a great way to interact with people who are interested in photography. A blog is also a great way to get more potential customers. Although, if you want to get to successful in blogging, you have to be consistent. If you can’t be a consistent blogger, then don’t blog at all. However, you should be purpose driven with your blog, don’t just blog about anything, be value adding. Blog about things related to your niche.
  2. Create a unique photography website. You have to make sure your website looks very warm and beautiful. Through your website, you can gain more audiences and customers. You can also share your website’s URL on your social networks. Your website is a very big factor any customer puts into consideration before they patronize you. so you have to make sure your website is not only beautiful, but mobile friendly because most of your customers and audiences might be accessing your websites through their smartphones.
  3. Make use of social media. You should take full advantage of social networks to promote your photography business. We all know that social media is a very big marketing tool. But for you to effectively promote your business on social media, you have to be active on social media. Using social media is a very big way to connect with your audience. You should post beautiful pictures on your all your social networks. However, you don’t have to be on all social networks, you just have to be on two or three social networks that are relevant to you. Consistency is also the key to gain traction on social media.
  4. Make good use of newsletters. Email marketing is very essential tool for your photography business. A newsletter is a good way to promote your photography business to your audience. However, you should make sure that your newsletter has a very beautiful design.

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