Where Can You Find Free Digital Photos for Your Website


Use these 5 great places where you can find high-quality, beautiful and free digital photos for your website, blog, presentation or other projects!


Over the last couple of years, photos have come a very important component of the online content. One of the reasons is the increase and the popularity of the internet. As you can notice, social media have become a crucial part of our lives and sharing content on social media today is extremely popular. From a reading point of view, the photos are important as they make it so easy to digest information and they break up the long articles, making it more interesting.


Finding great free photos for blog posts, articles, websites, and etc. is quite difficult, especially if you don’t know where to start. That is why, a lot of people, including website owners and marketers have been using screenshot photos. Yes, you can do that, but you can’t do it forever. You need another solution.


One of the most confusing points for many website owners is the uncertainty over whether a photo can be used or not. It is really understandable as no one really wants to receive a bill or a threatening letter from the stock photo company.

You should avoid searching for photos by using tools such as Google Images, because many of the photos that you will find through this service have been utilized in an inappropriate way. Don’t be fooled to think that a photo is safe to use just because others are using it. There is no guarantee that the owner of the photo will not contact you or sue you for using the photo illegally.


So, before you use a certain photo, double check the terms and conditions and be absolutely sure you can use the photo for your website, blog, presentation, app, and etc.

We are going to present you 5 great places where you can find high-quality, beautiful, and free digital photos:


  1. Public Domain Pictures – If you see that photos are under a public domain license that means that the photos in which the property rights have already expired or photos in which the owner has released them to the public domain for free. These photos can be used for absolutely any purpose. This website – Public Domain Pictures can offer you a wide selection of public domain photos and even though the photos are free to use, there are some limitations that do exist, so don’t forget to check the usage conditions for each photo.
  2. DeviantArt  – There are millions and millions of users who are using this website, making it the largest community online for photographers and artists. There are some artists that allow their creative works to be used if you link back to the source.
  3. PhotoDune – This is a very popular stock photo solution that can offer you a collection of more than 4 million photos. There are free and there are paid photos. The price of the photo depends on the size.
  4. PhotoRack – If you are looking for a large directory of free digital photos, look no further, as this is the perfect place for you. It contains lots of photos, wallpapers, and textures.
  5. Flickr – There are billions and billions of great photos that can be found here. A large of these photos have been released under the CC0 license meaning the photo can be used for any purpose as long as you credit the author.


Explore these websites and check out all of the amazing free digital photos they offer!


If you also need images to use in social networks, here are the best options.



Where to Find Free License Images for Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

Having great stock photo resources will save you loads of time and energy! Read and discover where to find free license images for Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!

Managing your social media accounts takes a lot of time, of course, if you want everything to be perfect. There is a reason why people always say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Regardless of how interesting your blog post or article may be. If you are not using any photos, you can’t expect visitors to have fun or read the full content. Yes, in a world filled with text, photos will always stand out!

According to one research, it has been confirmed that Tweets with photos get more than 150% more retweets than tweets that are without photos. Also, Facebook posts with photos get 2.3 more engagement when compared to those without them. There are many examples and the end result is the same – every post that includes a photo, gets more attention.

However, sourcing high-quality photos can be quite expensive, unless you are familiar with the best places to look for free photos for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and etc.

Having a great stock photo resource will definitely save you loads of time and energy. The photos you post on your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Pinterest account can have a huge impact on your business (this impact can be positive or negative). You need to be really careful where you get your free images from with regards to legality and quality.


Before we present you the best sources of free license images, let’s see what license do you need to use photos on social media.


It doesn’t matter whether this is your first time using a free stock photo or you are using stock photos for a few years now, it is important to know what each license means so you can determine what your rights are when using the photos from any resource.

The Creative Commons license framework is a popular copyright license that makes it super easy for artists and creative people to share their work. There are many types of Creative Commons licenses – some permit certain uses for certain purposes while others are virtually unlimited.

The license that you will be usually looking for is Creative Commons Zero. The photos that are licensed as CC0 can be used without a permission or attribution. You can also use photos under the Creative Commons Attribution License. These photos can be used without a permission, however, you must always link back to the source and indicate if the photo has been modified.


We are going to present you a few great sources of free license images for Facebook, Instagram or Twitter:


  • Photos – Here you can find a great selection of free stock photos for social media that you can use however you like. Animals, travel, architecture, concerts, people, everything can be found here.
  • IM Free – This is a great source of free web design resources and everything you see here can be used for commercial use. The website is easy to navigate and there is a two-column layout for categories that displays the results quickly.
  • DreamyPixel – This is a portfolio of the talented landscape photographer Ales Krivec who have decided to share some of his amazing photos for commercial use. Ales adds 3 new photos every week.
  • FancyCrave – An amazing online gallery that offers emotionally driven photos for all those who want to tell a story online.
  • Burst – This is a free photography collection from Shopify and it is a great source for developers, designers, business owners, and bloggers.


Other sources you must definitely check are ISO Republic, FoodiesFeed, Freerange Stock, SplitShire, and Epicantus.


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