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Let’s send (((((( LOVE AND LIGHT)))))) to the hummingbirds as they make their long migration journey back to their wintering grounds in South America!

Looking for the perfect Holiday gift?


The Hummingbird That Answered My Heart’s Calling is an uplifting and inspirational story about discovery, healing and shared journeys.  It is a memoir that chronicles a true encounter; the result of a three month sojourn with a mother hummingbird, Artemis and her one and only nestling, Baby. It is a wondrous encounter that brings to light the fascinating parallels between nature and human beings, all captured in 40 stunning full-color photographs that take the reader from nest-building, to birth; from growth, to fledge, to Artemis and Baby’s journey beyond and “my” empty nest.

Through the eyes of nature, one is made privy to the profound goodness that pervades all that exists and co-exists. Balance, perseverance and generosity, once deemed exclusive character traits of humans, are palpable in nature and demonstrated by these tiny winged creatures. This story is testimony that teachers and healers come in all shapes, sizes AND species; we need only to give them our undivided attention. It has been said, “When the student is ready, the teacher will show up.”

If you cherish the innate magic of our Mother Earth ~ our beloved Gaia ~ then this book is for you. If you love hummingbirds, this book is for you. If you love beautiful photography, this book is for you. If you’re a gift-giver, this book is for you. If you’re simply ready to discover the EXTRAORDINARY within the ORDINARY in your own backyard…then by all means, this book is for you!

The Hummingbird That Answered My Heart’s Calling is an inspiring gift book that will make you laugh and make you cry; but, most of all, it will uncover the magic of getting in touch with your inner hummingbird. Artemis and Baby share a profound and simple truth: we humans are not the center of the Universe, but a part of the magnificent whole…





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