5 Summer Wedding Photos Tips

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As summer gets closer, the wedding season is also getting closer. As a photographer, that means you have lots of job ahead of you. Whether this is your first time of shooting or you have been shooting before, your main goal is to shoot a perfect picture.

Here are tips to help you take the best wedding photos.

  1. Scrim or Diffuse. You might find yourself shooting under harsh sunlight, and that is often the case during summer weddings. Using an inexpensive diffuser or scrim can help you take awesome photos. My advice is that you use a 5-in-1 system that’s using the translucent fabric from the reflector to shade the person you are shooting. However, you might have to increase your exposure by around 1/3rd of a stop to compensate for the little amount of light landing on the person you are shooting.
  2. Get wet. Its summer! It’s time to have fun. To take more professional photos, you have to think outside if the box. Try to offer the couple a shoot that is very daring. You can shoot the images of the couple underwater or you can shoot the couples with just the waves of the ocean crashing around them. These photos will be super creative and dramatic. However, you should not shoot this type of picture on the wedding day; the bride will definitely not want her cloth all wet.
  3. Shooting in the rain. We all know that summer doesn’t guarantee a perfect weather, but with a little creativity and preparation, you will still get great results despite the uncertain weather. For instance when rain starts falling during your wedding, instead of sitting and thinking of how disorganized your job is, you can think outside the box and try to achieve some romantic images even with the bad weather.
  4. Night shooting. The good thing about summer is that it offers us mild temperature enough to shoot images outside even in the evening. Technology has also helped photographers a lot especially when it comes to night shooting. When shooting in the night, look for great lighting either form the streets, cafés, or restaurants.
  5. Shoot wide and high. To capture the couples and friends professionally and creatively, you should try to shoot from different angles. Ask your subjects to look directly at the camera and wait for the camera to click. Doing this lets you achieve a stunning photograph at a very brilliant angle.
  • Top blunders beginners make in landscape photography

landscape photography


We are started out as beginners in our professions. Nobody is ever an expert after day one. Before you can become an expert in your profession, you would have taken lots of training, and made lots and lots of mistakes. This also applies in photography, no great photographer stated out as a great photographer. It was a gradual process with lots of training, and mistakes.

As a beginner, you are bound to make mistakes; it is part of your learning process. However, some mistakes are very costly, so it is best you make sure you avoid those mistakes. Here are four top blunders beginners make in landscape photography.

  1. Not using a tripod. A tripod is the most important tool for landscape photography (besides the camera). Although most people complain that it is not easy and practical to travel with a tripod. However, there are lots of opportunities ahead of you when you start using a tripod. Not only that your photos will become sharper, you will also be able to do some special techniques like long exposure photography. You also don’t need to use a high ISO to make the image sharp. You can also make your composition and keep it for many photos. There are so many things you can do with a tripod.
  2. Shooting during the day. When it comes to landscape photography, light is everything. You should never take pictures during the day when the sun is still very high up. The best hour to take pictures is around sunrise (morning) and sunset (evening). When you take photos during the day, the image might not look very good. And the last thing you want is your photos to look bad.
  3. Being fixed on automatic mode. Automatic mode is very useful for people who just bought their first camera. But if you have been using a camera for a while, I recommend you start using the manual mode. There are lots of reasons why you should learn how to manually control the camera. It might look very difficult at the beginning when using manual mode, but after much practice, your photos will reward you with high quality.
  4. Crooked or uneven horizon. There are so many landscape photos with an uneven or crooked horizon. There are so many photos that have been ruined because of crooked or uneven horizon. Straightening the horizon is a very big step towards improving your landscape photography.

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