7 Top Free Online Logo Makers


All businesses need a signature logo; be they online, physical, freelance, small, or enterprise. If you are starting a brand new business or looking to rebrand your existing store, building a striking, yet professional logo can be quite a daunting task. However, the advent of free and straightforward logo generators has made logo building a quick endeavor, especially for those on a budget. This article gives you tips on how best to build your logo and seven of the best free logo builders in the market.

Reasons why you need to create a logo:

Apple has an apple for a logo, Coca Cola has its striking ribbon-like red logo, and so do all your favorite international companies. All these fortune-500 businesses fully understand the impact that having a logo has on customers. Your clients will use your logo to remember you and identify your services and correspondence. The right logo will also adequately bring out your core mission and vision, and make you stand out within your industry.

Steps to creating your business logo:

Research within your industry

What kind of logo would best suit your industry? For instance, you might find that in the energy drinks sector, they use bold letters in the colors red and yellow to bring out the aspect of energy, while in the interior décor most logos are designed with light pastel colors with beautiful, intuitive fonts. You can also check what kind of logos other players in the industry, like your competitors and suppliers have to ensure that your logo is unique and sets you apart.

Look for ideas to inspire you

Sites like Pinterest and the internet at large have a dazzling host of ideas that you can scroll through to get ideas. Check out different fonts, color combinations, and templates.

Decide what you want the logo to portray

While still poring through ideas for your logo, think of the message that you would like to pass to all the clients that see your logo. Look for a design that clearly portrays your business vision, mission, and brings out a professional, corporate image.

Prepare several designs

Build some designs; try different font styles, images, and color schemes and have a few logo ideas. At this point, you can ask for feedback on which design is best suited for your business, and how to optimize it by tweaking some areas. Remember to choose a design and color scheme that is cohesive with the rest of your business color scheme to avoid confusion.

Create your final design

With the necessary feedback and a logo builder, you can finally create and implement your final logo design. Creating the perfect logo takes time, patience and attention to fine details.

A List of the best free online logo makers:

Oberlo logo maker

Oberlo logo maker is a great, user-friendly online solution that enables you to create a professional-looking logo. It has straightforward navigational options that allow you to create a stunning logo with a wide selection of graphics, color pallets, positioning, and sizing.


Canva is a superior tool known for social media use and eBook cover generation, but it can also build you a fantastic logo. Canva has a simple drag-and-drop user interface that is incredibly handy if you have little graphic design expertise. To start, you input your business name and answer some simple questions to fine tune your logo search, like what industry you are in. Then you get to choose from over 100 templates that suit your industry. Canva offers you a great high-definition logo for absolutely no cost. You can use their iOS or Android app as well.


Logaster enables you to create your logo in four steps; first, you enter your business names, after which it generates some ideas for you to select. Next, you can sign in and manipulate your logo’s size, color scheme, and text. Once you are satisfied, you can choose a plan then download your logo. Logaster offers you a free plan whose logo has a watermark; otherwise, you pay a fee of $19.99.


Ucraft is primarily a website builder, but also has a logo maker that you can use to build a logo in less than 30 minutes. All you need to do is create an account and start creating your logo with a wide variety of over 220,000 icons, colors, shapes and text. In less than ten minutes, you can download a high-resolution .PNG file for absolutely no cost. Ucraft also has a video tutorial to guide its first-time users.


This fantastic software allows you to build a logo that suits your business needs. The first step is to enter your business name and industry, after which you get an impressive selection of emblems. You get to pick the logos that pique your interest first by ‘hearting’ them so that the software can get an idea of your preference. As soon as you find the perfect option, you just click the edit icon and further customize it to your liking. You can download it as soon as you are done tweaking it. MarkMaker is free, but you can pay some $3 or $5 to support the software developers.


Vectr is a more advanced option but is still friendly for users with less graphic design expertise. You can work with it online or download it to your computer at no cost. Vectr also offers you a live editing option if you would like to share your editing progress with your staff or team members. The logos you create are high-resolution, cost no fees, and Vectr has a reliable user guide and video tutorials for beginners.

Online logo maker

Online logo maker is a superb option that lets you upload your own images. This feature suits entrepreneurs that have images they want to incorporate or a previous logo. In addition to image upload, Online logo maker also offers you a wide selection of fonts, symbols, shapes, and colors. Online Logo Maker has a fantastic free plan, but the premium plan offers even more stunning effects, like transparency.


Having a professional logo is the first step in effective branding and marketing. You can use the above tips and logo creators to make a striking, iconic symbol for your business.



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