How to Find Cute Baby Pictures

There are a ton of websites available online for free image resources however the real challenge is finding the right picture for your content. Often the entire design and layout of website is image-centered which is why getting a relevant high-resolution royalty free photo is a crucial task.

Baby pictures can be used for advertising campaigns, promotional content and just about anything else. To attain the maximum visibility the image associated with the text needs to be shareable so more people are willing to have it appear on their timeline. To find the right image you need to match it with the tone and subject matter of the text.

To maintain a unique and attractive image of your brand you need to find the cutest pictures of babies to for your website, social media pages and blogs. There are certain tips and tricks that will help you find what you are looking for.

Millions of free stock photos are now online and pictures of babies is a popular category on most of these resources. You should however know which keywords to type, techniques to use to get the image you want.

Listed below are some tips that will help you download baby photos much faster and with limited amount of time.

Keep it Simple

Start small and use a few words that cover the action, emotion or pose you want of the baby. However when you are searching look through at least the first few pages to get a wider selection. Most of the times being specific and using simpler terms will help you find cute pictures of babies.

Employ Filters

You can use keywords to filter out any unwanted pictures. One way to decide which keywords to choose is to look at the tags attached to pictures that you like and use them in your searches. Other parameters used to shortlist the pictures are the style of the photograph and the perspective used to shoot it. You can even select the camera or photographer on some free photos websites.

 Mix and Match

Using too many keywords can be too limiting and result in fewer pictures. To find the right photo you have to try different combinations of keywords to find one that works for you. You can remove or add different words to attain maximum success. Most stock photo websites also offer recommendations and show related searches that offer similar results. This is very useful in narrowing down the search and finding pictures of babies required.

Sort Results

Sort out the images using the old to new option or most popular filter. This helps refine the search and lets you find free stock photos relevant to your requirement.

Use Advanced Search

The advanced search option helps find the exact image required by sorting out according to color, category and orientation. You can use the many options available to refine the results and fine tune your selection. The websites also have a suggestion tool for keywords which prompts you on which word to match with which one.

 Discover Your Unique Style

You can identify the unique style of your brand whether it is serious, quirky or comic. This will help you select the right keywords for your search. There are some insights and tools you can use to help yourself however the most important thing is being creative in the searches. If you require a picture that is modern then you should use the keyword ‘filtered’ and for traditional old-school free stock photos you can search ‘retro’

We hope this will help you in finding cute pictures of babies for your website.

  • 7 Free Image Resources For Graphic Designs, Blogs And Websites

Photography is an integral part of web designing and a great image can take your website to the next level. It successfully captures the audience’s attention and helps set up the credibility of a business. However, most people have to make do with low quality and generally bad stock images. These photos lack any character and cost a lot of money.

Luckily, there are a large number of websites that offer high-resolution and beautiful stock photos that can be procured without spending any money or going through all the trouble. The listed resources have a large stock of photographs that can be used. They cover a wide variety of subject matter and have photographs categorized by size and pixels as well. Professional photography resources such as Shutterstock and Getty Images charge almost $20 for a single picture and these websites are a cheaper and better alternative.

1. Flickr

Flickr is one the best video and photo sharing platform. It has seen ups and downs in popularity ever since Yahoo bought the website 10 years ago. This website is not just a place for uploading, saving and storing backups of your high-resolution photographs but it also has a large community of amateur and professional photographers. These photographers can choose to have their content be reused by others. The search option is very advanced and allows you to input keywords, minimum size, colors and filter results based on many other factors.

2. Pexels

Pexels is a search engine for creative commons zero images. It comes with a number of fashionable categories such as abstract, vintage and techno. The pictures here are a treat for the eyes and browsing through the popular sections and themes is an aesthetically pleasing experience in itself. It is possible to scroll through the website randomly or filter by the category. There are separate ‘popular’ and ‘new’ pages.

3. Pixabay

This website uses the Google image search tool. It does not have a database as large as Flickr but offers restriction-free licensing. All the images listed on this website are under the creative commons zero licenses. This means they can be used anywhere without infringing any copyright laws. There is a drop-down menu on Pixabay which lets users browse between videos, photographers, type of cameras and the editor’s choices.

4. Free Stock Textures

Visual background placed as the wallpaper or texture of a website adds character to the page. They introduce another layer to the design and do not complicate the overall appearance. Free Stock Textures is one platform where you can find free stock photos for educational, personal and non-commercial use. New textures and images are added every week.

5. Unsplash

Unsplash is becoming more and more popular amongst bloggers, designers and developers because of the unmatchable quality and variety of high-resolution photos available there. It has numerous pictures in various styles including landscapes and portraits. These images can be reused and 10 new images are added after every 10 days.

6. Freepik

The website started in 2010 and grew into one of the top free image resources online. It is helpful for finding photos, vectors, illustrations and PSD files. Freepik is a great resource for decorating and it is open to creators and contributors as well.

7. Gratisography

This website has been developed by a web designer/artist. It has a huge collection of images and web designs with no attributions. This is the resource you should choose if you want to add some unique and quirky web designs and visuals to your blog or website.

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